C FORCE The Best in Cariclassics

*Dominique-René de Lerma, the leading scholar of classical music of African descent, reviews DEEP BLUE:

"…This CD is destined to become a document in the evolutionary history of music in The Bahamas…"



*Paul Shaw, Associate Professor of Piano at The University of Minnesota, and hailed by The New York Times as "both a virtuoso with herculean technical command and a sensitive introspective artist," reviews Tchaka Mizik:

"...Anyone interested in hearing the unlikely combination of flute, euphonium and piano must rush out to get Tchaka Mizik, a new CD recorded at Compass Point Studios in Nassau, Bahamas by C Force: Christine, Christian and Christy, respectively.

Christine Gangelhoff’s pleasing flute sound, impeccable phrasing, and energetic delivery throughout is enough to recommend the disc. Particularly noteworthy is the spell she casts in C Force’s own arrangement of the haunting Chanson Folklorique d’Haiti, Invocation a Dambala by Werner A. Jaegerhuber (1900-1953). Ms. Gangelhoff’s technical stamina and well-gauged sense of the French Rhapsodic style in Tangente Au Yanvalou by Haitian Julio Racine (b. 1945) is also worthy of special mention. Thanks in no small part to the virtuosity of pianist Christy Lee, this work as well as the duo’s performance is the artistic high point of the entire recording.

The oddity of euphonium in the midst of flute and piano is immediately dispelled when one listens to Christian Justilien (b. 1960). His warm tone, nimble technique and astute consideration of ensemble balance allows the first three selections to . . . well, sing!

...All one can say is that the end result is sheer magic! For this alone, C Force is worth following all the way home to The Bahamas…"