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Deep Blue is a reflection of C Force’s commitment to the preservation and promotion of art music from The Bahamas and the neighboring Caribbean region. It is a compilation of original compositions, transcriptions, and arrangements of pieces written in a classical vein while manifesting elements of Bahamian folk culture in the use of theme, rhythm, and melody. As The Bahamas celebrates its 40th year of Independence, Deep Blue features a combination of works by Bahamian composers and poets as well as pieces inspired by the islands of The Bahamas and their surrounding waters. Included on the disc are works by E. Clement Bethel, Franz Hepburn, K. Quincy Parker, Christian Justilien, Terry Manning, and Lucas Manning. Also featured are artwork by John Cox, poetry by Marion Bethel, and photography by Jeff Major.

Deep Blue was recorded in May 2013 in the Performing Arts Centre of The College of The Bahamas and produced, engineered, and mastered by Terry Manning.

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Their first CD, Tchaka Mizik, released in October 2010, is a reflection of C Force’s unique fusion of cultures and styles. It includes traditional classical music in original works by Caribbean composers, transcriptions of popular European opera duets, adaptations of folk music of Haiti, and an original composition by C Force member Christian Justilien that showcases the once-popular goombay style of Bahamian music.


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During the Deep Blue recording sessions, C Force members discussed the possibility of a remix of Christian Justilien's memorable composition, “Pinder's Point.” With its catchy tune and upbeat rhythm, this piece seemed conducive for the exploration of new rhythmic horizons. Bahamian Lucas Manning, currently one of Scotland's top Techno/House Producer/DJs, took on the challenge, applying his dance music sensibilities to one of C Force's best melodies, and taking things to an entirely different place!